Established 1982
1611 S. Catalina Avenue
Redondo Beach, CA 90277
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Eat: Bouzy, A Gastropub
gas•tro•pub [ gástrô půb ] (plural gas•tro•pubs)
noun Definition:  U.K. pub serving good food: a licensed bar or public house that serves high-quality food. A combination of pub and gastronomy.

We realize you may not always want the "upscale dining experience" when eating out. Sometimes, you just want to grab a seat at the bar, listen to some good music, drink a cool microbrew on draft, and have a bite. That’s why we have added Bouzy to the Chez Mélange dining experience.

Bouzy, a Neighborhood Gastropub, can be found in the front room and patio of Chez Mélange, and represents a refined rusticity in its menu.

Experience the best of a Tavern, Trattoria, Brasserie, and Pub, all converging together under one roof. We have a great selection of over 30 microbrews, a wine list consisting of aromatic, food friendly wines, and a selection of spirits that falls in line with our belief in organic and sustainable products.

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The  bouzy - Chez Melange
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